Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Sound Collector

We learned the poem The Sound Collector by Rodger Mc Gough when we came to school after our Christmas holidays. Then we wrote our own versions of the poem. Here are some of verses we made up:
The purring of the kitten.                        The roaring of the lion,
The roaring of the lion.                           The hissing of the snake.
The croaking of the frog.                        The barking of the dog.
The barking of the dog.                          The squeaking of the
The neighing of the horse.                     mouse.         
The snapping of the crocodile.              The purring of the cat.
The squeaking of the mice.                   The munching of the giraffe.
The Hissing of the snake.                      The stumping of the rhino.
By Laura                                                  By Daniela

The squeaking of a mouse                    The purring of the cat.
The barking of the dog.                          The barking of the dog.
The screaming of a monkey.                  The hissing of a snake.
The roaring of a cheetah.                        The roaring of a lion.
The hissing of a snake.                           The croaking of a frog.
The tweeting of a bird.                             The howling crocodile.
The neighing of horse.                             By Martin
The creaking of the spider.
By Jacob

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